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Conclusion after 23 hours of play#12


It’s a very interesting and sometimes challenging game. Once taken the wrong direction and it can be over. It’s a lot of fun.
The following problems occurred:
After starting a saved game the login screen was still displayed but with some frames of the game at the side. Ther was no way to change the view to the city.
If the game will played in the windows mode sometimes after going back from screem 2 to the game screen the map was posponed so that the city was not shown. It was not possible to go back to the city.
Sometimes the impression arose that entries were not accepted the first time (as a sample: switching a power plant on or off)

To optimize it will be nice to group some buldings in one window. As a sample if you whant to switsh off or on 3 power plants if a particle storm starts ore ends.
It will be also nice to switsh the buildings with the tap key.
The control windows could be made smaller. They take up too much space so that a quick change of building for setting always requires closing the open window.

a year ago