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Reverse Element Conversion#3

Due to rng it’s currently sometimes difficult to get the right elements for all the technologies, so instead of only allowing Element Conversion from lower to higher rarity, also allow conversion from higher to lower rarity, doesn’t also have to be 1:20, maybe even 1:5 would be enough, but at least the possibility would be great

a year ago
Changed the status to
Under Consideration
a year ago

To aquire the deeper materials you just need to mine out the sector… suggest good Deeper scans after you aquire tier 2 shield tech, if you do this you will find C and UC elements. Also pausing the game and taking a not of How Many C’s u need for the early game. So after you find them just convert up. Can’t say that the developers will put C’s in Later tiers. so this would be helpful when that happens. ‘Resource management game so always plan ahead.

7 months ago