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Noted bugs, suggestions for playability#30


1) 2nd flying power bar does not slowly fill up like the 1st one does. It stays black, then turns blue when it is completely full. Not critical, just noticable.
2) If you move your mouse to the world display when your radar station is not on, the message that your radar station must be on follows your mouse around for quite a while. Even after turning your radar station on, setting a flight path, and beginning the flight. I haven’t been able to figure out what makes it finally go away, and it is annoying.
3) The repair hub won’t staff itself. I build one, set the priority to 10, have plenty of unemployed, but no one shows up to work. Since meteor showers inevitably damage your buildings, I would like to have an automatic repair hub near my power stations, but it does no good if no one will work there.

1) The element screen is cool, and very difficult to use. It is not in alphabetical order, it is not in the order of the periodic table, I don’t know what order it is in. In an earlier version, when you selected a research project and it sent you to the element screen, the elements needed were highlighted. This was much better than having to search through the whole table to find what element is missing.
2) On the subject of the element screen, once you have selected a research project, been sent to the element screen, and made the necessary trades to get the elements you need, you should be able to start the research project. Not be sent back to the research menu just so you have to select the research project again.
3) I love the earlier suggestion of grouping buildings. I have a city with enough clean energy to run at shield strength 1. When a particle storm hits I go to shield strength 3, which means I have to turn on four air purifiers and six small power plants. When the storm is over, I have to turn them all off. A lot of clicking that could be automated, or at least made more user friendly.
4) Another suggestion given earlier was for wind turbines to provide clean energy. I disagree with this suggestion because the blades on a wind turbine are not going to stand up to a meteor shower, and a turbine inside the dome is not going to get any wind.

I am enjoying the game a great deal. I have played it as far as I can go at each of the new releases. I would prefer not to have to start over from scratch on the next release, though. Thank you for making a great game.

8 months ago
Changed the status to
Under Consideration
7 months ago