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First impressions#39


I’ve just purchased the game:

Here are my recommended changes:


  • mouse scrolling please ! Not just right clicking or keys.
  • I must agree that the zoom/dezoom goes to fast event set at minimum option speed. Can you please correct it. It’s difficult to point at an object as it is now.
  • It’s a good idea to have features to know what needs to be repaired or what’s the loyalty but as soon as you move the cursor, it deseapears, very difficult to use as it is now.


  • The “ding” sound for departure and arrival is ridiculous. It’s the same noise as in an airplane for calling the steward or fastening your seat belt. Frankly speaking innapropriate and stressing…


  • 1 Drone to scan the entire planet, seriously? But the biggest problem is that it can’t be automated, it’s so long and boring to send it to all squares…
  • a research percentage on the city screen would be appreciated, we don’t know once a research is done.

So far here are my first impressions, I will say it concurred with steam advices, the game still needs a lot of improvement.
And by the way, is there a final objective, because right now after 90mn it’s a bit the same…

Well I guess your working on it and I’m sure this review will change as the game develop, I truly hope so. Keep on the good work.

7 months ago
Changed the status to
Under Consideration
6 months ago

Hey there! We have added a research progress indicator on the main HUD and also, since the last patch, the surround scan gets done automatically when you enter a new sector. So you always know whats directly around you without sending drones.

6 months ago

Thank you very much these are sure nice improvements!

6 months ago