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A Messy start! - love it or hate it - Undecided#44

I have bought the game an hour ago and it feels like there is alot of potential. i played 2 runs so far and both ended kinda unsatisfying.

The first run ended with my people just dissapearing into the abyss, dont know what happend i could not read it form the data aviable.
The second run i was on 3x speed and something changed the output of my Powerstations and 1 second later it was game over.

Now in general to the start of a run or lets call it the first impression:
Opening up the game and reading alot of dialog -> i get that you want to tell a storry but reading text is borring… im sorry i skiped the second text. Then to the totaly scripted start. i get that somehow you are trying to teach people how to play the game, what to do and when. BUT…. i would recommend designing it a bit more open to the interpretation of the user. That means the first thing i got told to do is to build 2 Medical posts, wich i guess i need because someone got hurt when powering up the AGD but there is little zones and little arrows that im still quite unsure of how important they are or what some of it does. anyways that is a little example of what i think could be done better…
Im cutting it a bit short to not waste someones time…
Other sugestions:
1,2,3 over WASD for the Game speeds
Halt the game or atleast bring it down to 1x speed when there is something critical
Give something easy to understand concerning the people in the city, is the population going up or down and why…

If you are looking for internal playtesters or for some more indepth feedback feel free to post here and i will give some contact details like discord. Btw is there a discord server?

And at last i can recommend GMTK on youtube he does alot and i mean alot of game design content wich i can highyl recommend watching to just make a cooler game.

Thankyou for making this game altho my first hour was not able to hook me i am looking forward of whats to come here.

best regards

5 months ago

Hey! Thank you for your input. Super valuable. We are working on streamlining the game for the full release.

You can actually opt to skip the tutorial parts when starting up a new game and you can also alter when the game should pause automatically in the settings menu.

3 months ago
Changed the status to
Under Consideration
3 months ago